Who We Are

In November 2010 founder and sole creator of the Shakedown Series, Billy Farah, attended the Battle of the Boxes at CrossFit Ventura, a 24 team CrossFit competition. The level of organization, quality of judging, and sense of community was unparalleled with any other competition that he had been to. At the time there were multiple individual events and close to zero team based competitions. The community needed more team events and they needed something further south. The idea of the Tri-County Shakedown was born. It was hosted by CrossFit FAST, programmed by Michael and Daniel Tromello now of Precision CrossFit, and run by Billy Farah. On July 9th 2011, 36 teams including the first teams put together by a sponsor, went to battle in 3 WOD’s. Almost every single athlete that competed PR’d their deadlift and most certainly pushed themselves beyond what they thought they could do. The programming was extremely tough, creative, but most importantly fun. The event started on time, ended early, the judging was impeccable, and the volunteers were outstanding. This is unheard of in CrossFit. A new standard was set and the bar was raised.

The response from the community was so overwhelming that Billy was forced to throw the 2012 Winter Shakedown. The venue was the same, 14 more team slots were added and over $8,000 in prizes were donated by sponsors from So-Cal to Florida. The goal did not change though, community. Then we made the move to Axiom CrossFit in Rancho Cucamonga for the next 2 comps. Axiom – a 9,000 square foot CrossFit dream. It was cleaner, bigger, and an all around better facility. Not only is the gym amazing, the people are our family. The 2013 Summer Shakedown went to the new Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach. The 2014 Winter and Summer Shakedowns moved to CrossFit RepScheme in Northridge, CA. The 2015 Winter Shakedown was held at CrossFit Tustin. The last Summer and Winter Shakedown were thrown at the World Famous Valley CrossFit. Stay tuned to the Shakedown Blog and Shakedown Series Facebook Page for the latest updates!

Tri-County Shakedown – July 9, 2011 – Undisclosed CrossFit
2012 Winter Shakedown – February 18, 2012 – Undisclosed CrossFit
2012 Summer Shakedown – August 25, 2012 – Axiom CrossFit
2013 Winter Shakedown – February 2, 2013 – Axiom CrossFit
2013 Summer Shakedown – August 25, 2013 – Red Wolf CrossFit
2014 Winter Shakedown – February 22, 2014 – CrossFit RepScheme
2014 Summer Shakedown – September 6, 2014 – CrossFit RepScheme
2015 Winter Shakedown – February 21, 2015 – CrossFit Tustin
2015 Summer Shakedown – August 22, 2015 – Valley CrossFit
2016 Winter Shakedown – February 6, 2016 – Valley CrossFit
2016 Summer Shakedown – TBD




















Pictured left to right: Daniel Tromello, Billy Farah, Michael Tromello